Tapatalk Gold Points

Forum Economy That Works

Gold Points is a digital currency that is built for online forums, empowering members to reward each other and ultimately create incentive and positive reinforcement for creating great content. Gold Points can be converted to your local currency at any time - allowing you to build a sustainable community, while letting the top contributors get rewards from other members.

Gold Points Wallet

Your members can top up Gold Points and use them towards any payment transaction including Tipping among members, Donation to the forum, Premium Subscriptions and other digital goods and services.

Gold Points Wallet accepts all major payment gateways including Apple and Google Pay, PayPal and major Credit Cards - with dedicated staff to handle disputes and payouts so you don't have to build everything yourself.

Secure and Transparent

Just like Bitcoin, Gold Points is built on blockchain DLT technology meaning no one can manipulate any transactions and you always have visibility of your wallet and can transfer it to anyone at any time.

Peer-to-Peer Tipping

Show your love and send a small token of appreciation to other members who made a great post. When you like a post, you'll be presented with an option to tip - Just one click, and no fee from the bank.

Be The Community Supporter

Use your Gold Points to donate to the forum you love, either a one time donation or recurring - we take care of everything for you, and the owner of the forum can use it towards other Tapatalk services, or simply convert to cash at any time.

When you donate, Tapatalk will give you one month of ad free usage to the forum, as well as a special "Supporter" badge next to your profile. Just look for the Donate button in your favorite Tapatalk Groups to get started!

A Better Ecosystem for Online Forums

Every time, at Tapatalk we share a portion of our revenue back to the communities in the form of Gold Points. Tapatalk generates revenue from online advertisement as well as other paid services, and re-invests it back to the communities through a revenue sharing program with group owners.

Our vision is to help forum owners and community builders alike to use a platform they trust and that can help them to build a sustainable community, without losing control of their content and their member's privacy.

Other Digital Goods

Gold Points will soon expand to all aspects of forum permissions, allowing you, as the group owner and administrator, to decide if certain forum permissions can be purchased instead of manually turning them on or off. For example, if your forum currently is a closed group, and you manually review membership applications, you will soon be able to set a fee so any users who urgently need to access your group, can instantly become full members by purchasing the access from you directly.

The possibilities are endless with Gold Points Wallet.